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journalistic renaissance?

hardly. at this point, i'm just abusing sarcasm.

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21 yr old girl, student in Classical Studies and Anthropology at university. Basically I specialize in dead things - dead animals, dead humans, dead languages. Those are the kinds of things that interest me, which is particularly useless as you can probably imagine.

I love to read, to watch and to listen. My favourite books range from ones by Jane Austen to Douglas Adams. The movies I like best are the ones that combine violence with humour, probably -- e.g., I just saw Zombieland and fucking loved it. Also I use the word fuck a LOT. Too much, maybe.

I like most music--I was raised on country and I have quite been able to get rid of my taste for it; I'm also partial to indie bands and classic rock. Anything with a guitar in it, electric or acoustic, basically.

So if you're interested in reading sensationalized accounts of a mediocre life that rely far too heavily on sarcasm and pop culture references for humour, add me as friend and away we'll go.

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"You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here." ~Max Ehrmann

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